Safe, Secure and Alert
Providing 24 Hour Awake Staff to ensure there will always be someone working, alert and ready to respond in a time of need. 24 Hour Surveillance to ensure we know who approaches, enters or exits the house in conjunction with our indoor surveillance to ensure the saftey of your loved one while in our care. Notification chirp's on each door and window through our Active Alarm system to know when a door or window has been opened. The alarm system also provides motion sensors, emergency access to Fire, Police and the Monitoring Center in the event operable phones become disabled. We take the care of our residents seriously and worrying about safety should never be a point of concern.

Extensive Training Program
Natural Life Assisted Living is very fortunate to have two adult educators on staff. This will enable our team to get the most up to date education and training they need to be the best they can be for your family member. We offer continuing education for our entire team to ensure the most current practices, technology and elder care requirements are strictly followed. All of our training is conducted by our on staff facilitators and Social Services Approved Vendors. All training is integrated into our daily workflow for immediate adherence.


Monthly Wellness Report
Our new newest addition to the elder care industry is monthly Wellness Reporting on each individual resident. We use a customized tool to capture daily vital signs,Physical Incidents, Food/Beverage consumption, Behavioral changes and so much more. We are so very proud to have technological tools to capture data, anyalyze its findings and ultimately use it as reporting tool. In addition to trusting the subjective knowledge of our management team and daily staff. We now can offer tangible data to send to Residents Doctors, Family, Friends and etc. in real time.


A life worth living
Each month we focus on contibuting to your life through a variety of selected responsibilities to help each resident feel that they are a contributor in what goes on in their life. Of course all of the items we offer are geared towards the residents current level of capabilities. We want to make sure that our residents know that they have purpose in life, which helps to keep each resident focused on living.

Exceptional Nutritional Program
Nutrition for seniors or elderly individuals is quite different from that of a full grown adult. We take pride in knowing what those differences are and providing the kind of meals,snacks and meal replacements that keep our residents satisfied and nutrient enriched. Our chef takes pride in only serving the most natural locally sourced, organic fruits/vegetables, grass fed meat/poultry and wild caught seafood. We do not subscribe to todays diet trends, instead we digress to a time when our foods didnt have as many preservatives for a long shelf life or artifical ingredients to make food bigger than it should be. We like our food to be what it was back then natural, flavorful and good for you.