A Service Company
Every single day our team takes pride in knowing that we are doing the right thing for each of our clients and our community. We provide the services necessary to enhance life at whatever stage of life our clients happen to be in. Our service list is simple... the best quality nutrition, guidance on how to be a contributor in their new home, opportunities delivered to give back to organizations they have interest in supporting and more. Life is hard enough as we all get older, we provide the services to make life easier and our residents quality of life meaningful.

We all want the best for our loved ones and giving of ourselves as the primary care giver is a duanting, stressful and exhausting task. In 1998 I started being a fill in caregiver for various family members stricken with Alzheimer's, Stroke Paralysis and Cancer. I kept asking care questions of the hired caregivers expecting trained professional responses and sadly was not given the responses I had hoped for. I wanted to know the "Why" behind their actions or lack their of and when I didnt feel I was getting the best response I started doing my own research. In 2003 I began to get more involved by getting educated in caregiving, the specific ailments of my family members and elder care. In 2008 I dedicated myself to caregiving by managing my professional career from home and caring for my parents who both became terminally ill and began living with me to be cared for. Years later in 2013 I experienced a loss of one parent and the loss of the other parent later in 2014. I was left with a house rebuilt to care for others and a job that no longer carried any meaning for me. During that time of grief I decided that giving back to those in need was the true career I was chosen for and Natural Life Assisted Living was established.

Future Goals
Making our facility brand the rule of this industry rather than being known for a specialized Niche market. We know that seniors have a lot to offer at any stage in life and we want to be able to enable those individuals to thrive in our environments.